Did anyone catch CBC’s Marketplace ”˜Money Where Your Mouth Is’ on Friday night?

Our team at Inspire watched with disappointment at what the dental profession has come to. We want our patients to feel assured that they are getting honest, high quality treatment when you visit our office. Here are some of the things we do at Inspire Dental Group to ensure transparency:
– We document EVERYTHING. We take photos and xrays of your current state, before treatment, during treatment and after treatment so that you are involved from the beginning through to the end of your treatment
– We explain with photos and videos in order to make sure you understand exactly what is being done and why before proceeding with treatment
– We are endlessly educating and training our team, doctors included
– We give you the opportunity to ask questions and welcome them
– We have systems in place so that all our doctors follow the same protocol for every procedure allowing us to deliver the highest quality of service using the best practice methods researched and established to date
– We have a team of dentists that review every treatment plan and so that the delivery of your dental service is consistent and at the highest level.

This segment is the ultimate reason Inspire Dental Group was formed. We believe in providing our communities with value, quality and excellent dental care in the most ethical and honest way that we know how. We are committed to you and your family’s optimal dental health.

If you didn’t catch the program, you can watch it online here. If you have any questions, concerns or comments about this segment, we are happy to address them. Please email us at info@inspiredental.ca .